About emobil-umwelt.de

Drivetrain electrification is a hot topic, and electric mobility offers great hope for sustainable transport. Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, questions about the actual environmental benefit of this technology arise time and again. The environmental assessment of electric mobility is a complex issue that we are trying to explore using layman’s terms on this website. We can draw on some 20 years of scientific expertise and experience from numerous research projects – from the scientific supervision of electric vehicle field tests on the island of Rügen in the 1990s through to the development of a smartphone app that lets users take virtual test drives of electric vehicles and estimate the impact on the climate.

The development of this website was funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Conservation and reactor Safety (BMU) as part of the UMBReLA project between 2009 and 2011. The aim of the UMBReLA project was to gather and analyse climate-relevant findings from the field tests and research projects initiated by the BMU and to use these as the basis for compiling comprehensive environmental records for electric mobility.


In terms of method, our work uses the life-cycle assessment approach, which considers not only vehicle use but also its manufacturing and disposal and the manufacturing processes for the materials and energy sources required (“upstream chains”). Significant parameters and assumptions are specified and then varied according to their relevance so as to ascertain their influence. You can do this easily for yourself using the Online Tool on this website.